Computer Science Department

Engineering Faculty

National University of Rosario

República Argentina

  At GIDIS we are specialized in:
Research into methods and techniques in order to improve software quality, particularly Formal Methods
Development of software tools implementing our own research results as well as those of other researchers around the world
Applying research and development results to diverse application domains, particularly Computer and Information Security
Transfer all these results to industry



We are interested in developing tools for academia and industry requiring an intensive use of Formal Methods. Our staff is highly skilled to work with C, C++, Haskell, Linux and its kernel, TCP/IP, system programming, device driver programming, cryptography, CSP, TLA, Z, Larch, Statecharts, Coq, object oriented design (OOD), software architecture styles, computer security, multi-level security (MLS), formal security models, etc.

Also, we are seeking for partners, investors, sponsors or funding institutions interested in supporting any of our projects.

Besides our technical skills, you will find our fees very competitive.

We invite you to contact us:

Departamento de Computación
Pellegrini 250
(2000) Rosario

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