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Computing Security has turned into one of the most controversial issues these days, when every single piece of information becomes digital and hence, turns to be more vulnerable. The need for effective security mechanisms has encouraged Computing & Engineering Society to seek for solutions. Within this scope, this document introduces a project for the development of an Operating System, whose security mechanisms are enhanced, both in protection facilities and in the way they are developed.

Security enhancements include the implementation of Multi-level Security as a Mandatory Access Control (MAC) in order to protect the system against confidentiality attacks, and the use of Access Control Lists (ACLs) to extend traditional Unix Discretionary Access Control (DAC) mechanisms.

This project's first aim is not to build an entire operating system from the scratch, but to enhance an existing Unix OS, such as Linux, modifying the kernel without altering the remaining system. Doing so, we hope to keep the system original features, counting, at the same time, with a very complete prototype where new security aspects may be tested. Once this phase is finished, the project will follow its general goal of building a full-fledged commercial product.

The R+D Group on Software Engineering (GIDIS) has an excellent background in building high secure systems. During 2002 the group developed Lisex, a MLS prototype based on Linux.




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