Our projects lack funding and are being developed thanks to the collaboration of undergraduate students, and graduates students. We are convinced that many of these projects would have commercial viability if they could be developed with more resources.

Companies, universities or any kind of institutions willing to fund any of our projects are welcome.
Please, contact us!!

Own Projects

Project State Description
GIDIS Trusted Linux Seeking for funding
It is Lisex's successor. It incorporates a MLS model clearly different and superior than Lisex's. It will be developed with Linux and Coq.

Keywords: MLS, multi-level security, Linux, Coq, formal methods

Lisex Finished MLS operating system based on Linux. Coq, formal verification of the model, specification-based testing, are among the techniques used for this project. A GPL licensed prototype is for public release.

Keywords : MLS, multi-level security, Linux, Coq, formal methods

ModelTest Under development Semi-automatic tool to be used for formal specification-based testing. A system specification is written in a Z-like formal language, then it is translated to Coq, and finally some algorithms are executed to extract many model-level test cases. A second module maps these test cases to the implementation level, and a test driver executes the program getting its outputs. Then, inputs and outputs are compared using the specification as an oracle.

Keywords : testing, specification-based testing, Z, Coq, functional testing, formal specification


White-Box Test Assistant Under development
A tool to assist the testing activity. It implements data-flow testing criteria. Programs to be tested may contain arrays. Although it currently only works with Cobol, it is designed to support any imperative programming language. A GUI has been developed to help the engineering in selecting inputs in order to verify standardized white-box testing criteria.

Keywords: testing, structural testing, data-flow, COBOL


GIDIS' members participation in others institutions' projects
Some of our members are participating or have participated in R+D projects or consulting activities at the institutions listed below. All the activities involved either Formal Methods or Computer Security.
  • Stevens Institute of Technology (USA)
  • Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Portugal)
  • ATX Software (Portugal)
  • Oblog (Portugal)
  • Uruguay Presidency
  • IPcom S.A. (Uruguay)
  • Pragma Consultores (Argentina)
  • Neoris Argentina (ex Amtec)

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