Federico Miyara

He was born in Rosario, Province of Santa Fe, Argentina, on september 4, 1958, being his father José Miyara and his mother Julia Verdeja. For his first studies he attended the Escuela Normal Nº 3 de Maestros "Mariano Moreno" and the Escuela Fiscal Nº 58 "Juan Bautista Alberdi" of Rosario, and for high school, the Instituto Politécnico Superior "Gral. San Martín" of Rosario. Later he started university studies in the Facultad de Ciencias Exactas, Ingeniería y Agrimensura, Universidad Nacional de Rosario, receiving his diploma of Electronic Engineer in 1984.

In 1982 he starts teaching Electronics and Calculus at the same Faculty in which he was studying. In 1986 he becomes a full-time lecturer, and in 1990 he convalidates this title in a public contest. He has developed new methods for teaching and learning based on projects derived from real-life problems, both in mathematics and electronics.

In 1990 he begins his institutional activity, when he is elected a member of the Directive Council of his Faculty, staying at this position for two four-year terms. At the same time he was a member of the advisor board of the School of Electronic Engineering and as Secretary of Student Issues and later as Secretary of Academic Issues of the same School. He was also a member of the Curricular Committee for several years. He serves currently as the Director-coordinator of the Acoustics and Electroacoustics Laboratory, of which he has been the founder in 1993.

He has submitted many papers on university pedagogy, particularly on how to teach mathematics to engineering students through real-life engineering problems and on how to teach electronics by means of projects.

In 1991 he begins teaching graduate courses on Special Operational Amplifiers, on Acoustics and Psychoacoustics and on Noise Control. At the same time his research interests were focused on problems of environmental acoustics, particularly those related to noise pollution. He investigated noise pollution on public-transportation buses and in hospitals, and finally urban traffic noise. He is currently working on methods for teaching sound hygiene. He has submitted his proposal for reducing noise pollution in Rosario to different organizations. One of them, the City Council, has awarded him and his laboratory with the 1997 Ecologic Rosario Prize. He earned also a grant from the Subsecretariate of Culture of the Province of Santa Fe (Argentina) for his project research on prevention of noise pollution (1998).

He is the author of two technical books: "Acústica y Sistemas de Sonido" (Acoustics and Sound Systems), to be published soon by UNR EDitora, and "Control de Ruido" (Noise Control), which have not been published yet due to economical reasons. This one will be gradually included in the Library On-Line (Spanish version) of this web site.

He has submitted individual or group papers on different aspects of noise pollution to many congresses, conferences and meetings. His research work is carried out both within the Laboratory and in the Center for the Study of Human Environment of the Faculty of Architecture (National University of Rosario). He collaborates with the Littoral Association of Logopedics, Foniatrics and Audiology, through its Scientific Interdisciplinary Ecology and Noise Committee. With this Committee he co-organized the First and Second International Multidisciplinary Conferences on Acoustic Violence in 1997 and 1998.

Besides his academic activities he is a piano player and a composer, having earned two Composition Awards. He also is the author of several short stories, as well as a recently published novel ("El Experimento").

He is married to María Victoria Gómez and has two kids, Francisco Nicolás (February 25, 1991) and Andrés Pedro (April 30, 1993).


E-mail: fmiyara@fceia.unr.edu.ar
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