In this Library On-Line you will find articles, papers, monographs, and even complete text-books on acoustics, noise, sound hygiene and related subjects. Much more items may be found in the Library On Line of the Noise Pollution Clearinghouse. You may also reach other items by entering the section on other links.

Articles, papers and other writings are accepted for their possible inclusion in the Library.


Stephen Frazier, "The Citizens Noise Advisory Group and Albuquerque New Mexico's New Noise Code" (16 kb)

Valerie Weedon, "From a noise sufferer`s point of view" (11 kb)

Valerie Weedon MBE, "Campaigning against noise" (21 kb)
This is the abstract and summary of a speech por Nopher Conference 2001, held at Robinson College, Cambridge, UK, on April 6-8, 2001.

Michael Wright, "The Motives of Boom Car Boys" (11 kb)

Michael Wright, "Media Violence, Noise Pollution, and Gunfire" (16 kb)

Michael Wright, "Lawsuit is needed against boom cars" (8 kb)

Federico Miyara, María Victoria Gómez, María Susana Flores, Lorena Lorenzo, "Teaching Sound Hygiene at School" (42 kb)

Vivian Pasch, Patricia Mosconi, Marta Yanitelli, Susana Cabanellas, Federico Miyara, Jorge Vazquez: "Spectral information in noise mapping: An exploratory study" (PDF, 39 kb)
Paper presented at the First Pan-American/Iberian Meeting on Acoustics held in Cancún, México, on December 2002. The concept of spectral map is introduced from the need to supersede the limitations of traditional A-weighted maps.

Federico Miyara, "Draft Ordinance on Prevention and Control of Noise and Vibration" (Not yet completely translated) (71 kb)

Federico Miyara, "Guidelines for an Urban Noise Ordinance" (28 kb)

Federico Miyara, "How Much Noise is Too Much Noise" (9 kb)

Federico Miyara, "On firecracker's noise" (6 kb)

Federico Miyara, "Noise Initiation Ceremony" (7 kb)

Federico Miyara, "Acoustic Violence: A New Name for an Old Social Pain" (19 kb)

Federico Miyara, "Sound Levels" (16 kb)

Federico Miyara, "The Nature of Sound" (9 kb)

"WHO's Noise Criteria" (6 kb)

Federico Miyara, "Noise at School" (10 kb)

Federico Miyara, "Sound Hygiene for Children" (10 kb)

Federico Miyara, "Frequently Asked Questions on Noise for Children" (10 kb)

Federico Miyara, "After-dance ringing-ears"(6 kb)
Your ears are ringing after going out to dance. Find out why, what this means, what might be the consequences for your ears, and wht you can do.


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