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Año 2012 (28 Diciembre) - Volumen 82





A plastic rheology phenomenological model that explains the Andes evolution in northern Argentina

Antonio Introcaso, Mario Giménez, M. Patricia Martínez & Francisco Ruiz


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Antonio Introcaso []: Facultad de Ingeniería, Universidad Nacional de Rosario & Instituto de Física Rosario, Pellegrini 250, 2000 Rosario, Argentina.
Mario Giménez, Patricia Martínez & Francisco Ruiz: Instituto Geofísico y Sismológico "Fernando Volponi", Universidad Nacional de San Juan, Argentina.




Microfacies and palaeoenvironments of the Lower Carboniferous Mobarak Formation in the Kiyasar section, Northern Iran

Mostafa Falahatgar & Hossein Mosaddegh


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Mostafa Falahatgar []: Department of Geology, Shahrood Branch, Islamic Azad University, Shahrood, Iran.
Hossein Mosaddegh []: Department of Earth Science, Damghan University, Damghan, Iran.




First meeting of the Research Group for Paleobiology and biostratigraphy of the ammonites


Didier Bert & Stéphane Bersac (editors)


The genera Heminautilus Spath, 1927 and Eucymatoceras Spath, 1927 (Nautilida, Nautiloidea) in the Lower Barremian of Gard department (South-east of France).

G. Delanoy, C. Baudouin, R. Gonnet, G. Conte & C. Frau

The Upper Barremian pro parte of the Angles stratotype (SE France).

D. Bert

Supplementary digital material (Figure 1)

Variability and evolution of the Deshayesitidae (Ammonoidea, Lower Aptian, Lower Cretaceous) from Southern England.

S. Bersac & D. Bert

Revision of Deshayesites deshayesi: taxonomic and biostratigraphic consequences.

S. Bersac, D. Bert & B. Matrion

Evolution of the Cheloniceratinae: an alternative to Deshayesitidae for the Lower Aptian biozonation? Preliminary observations.

A. Pictet


Phylogenetic relationships among the Hemihoplitidae Spath, 1924 (Ammonoidea, Upper Barremian).

D. Bert

Preview on the ontogeny, variability and dimorphism of the genera Taramelliceras and Streblites (Ammonoidea) of the Acanthicum Zone (Upper Kimmeridgian) from Mount Crussol (Ardèche, France).

C. Baudouin, D. Bert & P. Boselli

Rediscovery of the type specimen and status of Ezeiceras heberti Fallot, 1884 (Ammonoidea, Hemiholitidae, Barremian).

D. Bert & S. Bersac

Supplementary digital material (Figure 1)


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