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Año 2011 (01 Julio) - Volumenes 79-81




Platform to basin correlations in Cretaceous times

Groupe Français du Crétacé

Abstracts [p. 1-19]


Danièle Grosheny (editor), Bruno Granier (editor), Nestor Sander (associate editor)


- Stratigraphic, sedimentological and palaeoenvironmental constraints on the rise of the Urgonian platform in the western Swiss Jura, correlation with the Helvetic Zone of the Alps and the Northern Subalpine Chains (Chartreuse, Vercors). T. Adatte, A. Godet, K.B. Föllmi, S. Bodin, E. De Kaenel, A. Arnaud-Vanneau & H. Arnaud
- Urgonian carbonate platform to Vocontian Basin correlation (France SE) by means of biostratigraphy. H. Arnaud, A. Arnaud-Vanneau, F. Bastide, G. Massonnat, J. Vermeulen & A. Virgone
- Expression of the oceanic Anoxic Event 2 in carbonate platform and in hemipelagic basin, example from Mexico and Tibet. B. Bomou, T. Adatte, K.B. Föllmi, A. Arnaud-Vanneau, M. Caron, A. Tantawy, D. Fleitmann, V. Matera & Y. Huang
- Impact of meteoric diagenesis on microporous carbonates of the Middle-East. Example from the Mishrif Fm. (Cenomanian - Lower Turonian) of Qatar. M. D. De Périère, C. Durlet, E. Vennin, B. Caline, L. Lambert, R. Bourillot, C. Maza, E. Poli & C. Pabian-Goyheneche
- The fluvial-marine transition in genetic sequences of the uppermost Albian ("Vraconnian") of the Morocccan Atlantic Margin (Agadir area). B. Essafraoui, D. Groshény, N. Icame, S. Ferry, M. Masrour, M. Aoutem, L. Bulot & C. Lecuyer
- Sequential organization of a fluvial to marine sedimentary wedge (Upper Hauterivian of the Moroccan Atlantic margin). S. Ferry, M. Masrour & O. Parize
- Facies partitioning in the prograding genetic sequences of the Subalpine Urgonian carbonate platform. Their relationship to the significance given the Urgonian Rudistid facies. S. Ferry, D. Quesne & M. Khaska
- Stratigraphic ranges of some Tithonian-Berriasian benthic foraminifers and dasycladales. Re-evaluation of their use in identifying this stage boundary in carbonate platform settings. B. Granier & I.I. Bucur
- New data on the Hawar, Shu'aiba, Bab, and Sabsab regional stages of the Lower Cretaceous in the United Arab Emirates and in Oman. B. Granier, R. Busnardo & B. Pittet
- The Cenomanian-Turonian transition on a W-E transect of the Moroccan Atlantic margin (Agadir). Isotope geochemistry and sequence stratigraphy. M. Jati, D. Grosheny, S. Ferry & D. Desmares
- The RGF program (Geologic Reference Map of France): A geodynamic geologic map. E. Lasseur, L. Beccaletto, Y. Callec, R. Couëffé, F. Paquet, J.-P. Platel, O. Serrano & I. Thinon
- OAE1a: late Early or early Late Bedoulian event? M. Moullade, W. Kuhnt, G. Tronchetti, P. Ropolo & B. Granier
- The Cretaceous carbonate series of the Oman mountains.
P. Razin & C. Grélaud


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The Tithonian-Berriasian ammonite fauna and stratigraphy of Arroyo Cieneguita, Neuquén-Mendoza Basin, Argentina

Horacio Parent, Armin Scherzinger & Günter Schweigert


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H. Parent []: Lab. Paleontología, IFG-FCEIA, Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Pellegrini 250, 2000 Rosario, Argentina.

A. Scherzinger []: Lämmerhalde 3, 71735 Eberdingen, Germany.

G. Schweigert []: Staatliches Museum für Naturkunde, Rosenstein 1, 70191 Stuttgart, Germany.




Study of the Claromecó Basin from gravity, magnetic and geoid undulation charts

Francisco Ruiz & Antonio Introcaso


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F. Ruiz []: Instituto Geofísico Sismológico, Universidad Nacional de Salta, Meglioli 1160 (sur), 5400 Rivadavia, Argentina.

A. Introcaso []: Instituto de Física de Rosario, Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Pellegrini 250, 2000 Rosario, Argentina.




Copper in Deccan Basalts (India): review of the abundance and patterns of distribution

Pramod O. Alexander & Harel Thomas


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P.O. Alexander: Department of Applied Geology, School of Engineering & Technology, Central University, Sagar, India.

H. Thomas []: Department of Applied Geology, School of Engineering & Technology, Central University, Sagar, India.


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