This list, hosted by the server of the School of Electronic Engineering of the Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Surveying ( National University of Rosario), has been created so that people involved in the urban noise issue can share information, ideas, partial or final results of research work, etc. Its official language is Spanish.

The idea of this list arose during the Second Regional Urban Noise Meeting, held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on November 17, 1997. It was considered that it was advisable to take advantage of e-mail, a resource ever more widespread, in order to disseminate information of interest for the participants.

Any person involved in urban noise and noise pollution research, prevention and control, for instance researchers, professionals, students, authorities, legislators or people suffering or having suffered noise pollution. In order to subscribe, send a message to the list owner (currently Federico Miyara) with a brief explanation on your motivations.

Once confirmed that the subscription has been accepted you can start sending messages to the list, whose address is

which will be automatically posted to all members of the list. Likewise, you will begin to receive other members' messages.

Of course, you may unsubscribe freely whenever you like (no questions asked), by sending another message to the list owner asking to be removed from the mailing list.


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