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Playing kid


April 24, 2002, has been an important day for Planet Earth, because the seventh

(INAD) has taken place that day. The INAD was thought in order that we all become aware of how harmful it is to allow so much noise at large. There are some recommended steps to preserve the peace and quiet in our lives: Other related dates:



In Rosario, 60% of the shops which have been closed by the City Government during the first three months of 1999 were closed because of noise pollution.

In Rosario, an attractive night show has been installed on the small island in the middle of the lake at the Independencia Park (the largest and most representative park of the city): the Dancing Waters. Water jets, light, colour and music combine to yield a beautiful spectacle. However, seemingly nobody considered, at project stage, that the loud music would constitute a nuisance for neighbours, who are already complaining because they cannot fall asleep.



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Federico Miyara, "Noise and Children" (6 kb)

Federico Miyara, "Questions and Answers about Noise" (12 kb)

Federico Miyara, "Sound Hygiene for Children" (10 kb)

Federico Miyara, "After-dance ringing-ears" (10 kb)



Ear and Noise

Text and drawings: María Victoria Gómez

At last Ear met Noise. She wanted to talk to him and tell him what was going on. Her opportunity came across that warm Saturday.

Ear and Noise

"Hi, Ear," shouted Noise when he saw her, "┐How are you?"
"Fine; and you, Noise?"
"Ah... so so."
"Why? What's the matter with you?" Ear was surprised, as she thought she was the only one in trouble.
"You know, people don't like me. I'm quite a nuisance. I'm always stamping and shouting very loud. But I'm not alone."
"Who else?"
"Youngsters, who amuse themselves and don't care if they annoy the others. And sellers who shout to offer their products. And those who honk the horn without need. And..."
A car passed by with the music at full volume.
"I see... You know," said Ear at last, "I'm a bit sick lately"
"Oh, I'm sorry" "What's wrong, Ear?"
"My ear hurts. Inside, very deep. The day before yesterday I was very calm, I was resting. All of a sudden, somebody turned the radio on, very loud... all afternoon. I've got very nervous. My heart beated quickly. I tried to take it easy but I couldn't. Many hours later, at last they turned it off. How fortunate I felt. But I didn't even imagine that the worst part was yet to come. That night I was sleepless. My inner ear hurted. And I had a loud buzzing in my ears. It was very annoying. The doctor told me to be careful, that I could go deaf.
"I'm so sorry, Ear," grunted Noise. "I would be delighted if someone could change me into a pleasant sound."



¿How about inventing a game?
It is the game of talking softly, softly, softly, softly.

In this game there is no single winner as in other games. In this one all players win, on this condition: we should talk as softly as possible for ten minutes. But we should still understand each other.

After ten minutes, we shall have learned that it is possible to talk without shouting.

I invite you to write a tale that has to do with noise, and to draw a picture for it. Then, please send it to me. If I like it, I promise to put it on this page. My name is Federico Miyara, and you may post it to this address: Riobamba 245 bis, 2000 Rosario, Argentina. UP TO 130 YEARS OLD.

The "Potphone"

A "potphone" is a telephone made with two yoghurt pots and a piece of thread. Using a nail you puncture a small hole through the bottom of each pot, and then you tie a thread about ten meter (33 feet) long to the pots, as shown below:

A potphone

When you stretch the thread, the arrangement becomes a "telephone". If a child speaks through one of the pots, another child will listen to him or her through the other pot. I will work better if the speaker speaks softly and well inside the pot. Otherwise his o her voice will be heard directly and not through the potphone.

¿Do you guess how it works? Your voice makes the first pot vibrate. This pot communicates its vibration to the thread, which, in turn, sets the second pot into vibration recreating sound. Sound vibrations propagate very effectively along solid stuff (like thread).

This is quite a traditional game. We might update it to allow "potconferencing", much like teleconference, by means of which three or more people may communicate with each other by phone at the same time. To do so, you may "connect" a third pot with another piece of thread tied at the middle of the first piece of thread:

Triple potphone

The threads should be evenly streched. Otherwise the device will not work properly and someone will get "uncommunicated".

The Mask... of sound

When somebody wears a mask, he or she becomes unrecognizable. The same is true for sound. But... What are the masks for sound? Quite simply, other sounds. For this game you need a middle-sized can and some pebbles:

Device for experimenting with masking

This is a three-part game. While one child shakes the can with the pebbles inside so as to produce loud noise, another child shall speak very softly. The third children shall try to listen to the second one. You'll see it is almost impossible. The sounds of speech are masked by the noise of the pebbles.

Situations like this one are very frequent. It is called masking. Now, please take a sheet of paper and write down all the situations you can remember in which masking takes place. At home, at the school, at the park, everywhere.



Comisión Nacional del Medio Ambiente (CONAMA - MSGP - Chile) (in Spanish)
Southampton University
Kidshealth (sobre el oído, en inglés)