APRIL 25, 2001:

Federico Miyara

Next April 25, 2001, will take place in mor than 40 countries around the World the sixth INTERNATIONAL NOISE AWARENESS DAY. This day has been introduced so that the inhabitants of the World become fully aware of the harmful effects o noise, both for individuals and for their communities. Noise is a pervasive envoironmental pollutant which characterizes moder societies.

This is the sixth consecutive year that this celebration takes place. This day is organized and sponsored by the (League for the Hard of Hearing), an organization with headquarters in New York (EEUU) with about 90 years of intense activity in the treatment and prevention of hypocusis.

Unlike other "international days", this one does not take always in the same date, but it usually is celebrated on one of the two last Wednesday of April..

The Acoustics and Electroacoustics Laboratory of the National University of Rosario, Argentina, takes part of this initiative since 1998, and its Director has been appointed member of the International Steering Committee since 1999. This Committee has the responsibility of ensuring success of the celebration all over the World.

There are several recommendations called the "Quiet Diet", for instance:

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