CD-Rom: International Multidisciplinary Conferences on Acoustic Violence

Publisher: ASOLOFAL

Editor: Federico Miyara


Cover of the CD-Rom on Acoustic Violence


This book, published in electronic format, includes the papers presented during the three International Multidisciplinary Conferences on Acoustic Violence organized by the Scientific Interdisciplinary Ecology and Noise Committee of the Asociación de Logopedia, Foniatría y Audiología del Litoral (ASOLOFAL).
The CD-ROm contains all the papers which have been sunmitted to the Editorial Board in digital format. For that reason, some of the papers may have been onnitted from this first edition.
Although this version is not multimedial, future editions are intended to contain sound examples as well as multimedia presentations, which adapt very well to this medium.
Due to the fact that a CD-Rom has plenty room to host many files, it was decided to include the whole Internet site of the Acoustics and Electroacoustics Laboratory, which belongs to the Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Surveying, National University of Rosario. Efforts were devoted to include the most current verion, but as new updates are frequently uploaded, it is suggested that the interested reader visits on a regular basis the site at the URL:

That site hosts also the home pages belonging to the Scientific Interdisciplinary Ecology and Noise Committee as well as other organizations such as the Acoustical Society of Argentina, and the Noise Group (Facultad de Arquitectura, Planeamiento y Diseño de la Universidad Nacional de Rosario).

It will be appreciated that any suggestion or comment as regards to this edition be submitted by e-mail to or by regular mail to

Bv. Oroño 1187 1º "I"
2000 Rosario


List of Authors

Arq. Susana Amura, Dr. Carlos Arcocha, Lic. Graciela Augsburger, Ing, Susana Cabanellas, Fga. Graciela Cosa, Lic. Carmen Deni, Ing. Fernando Elizondo, Lic. Omar A. Fernandez, Fga. Gabriela Ferreras, Prof. María Susana Flores, Stephen Frazier, Lic. Alberto Garber, Prof. María Victoria Gómez, Dra. Ing. Alice Elizabeth González, Lic. Fabiana Grosso, Prof. Lorena Lorenzo, Lic. Gladys Maresca, Arq. Jorge Alberto Mastroizzi, Arq. María Amelia Mastroizzi, Ing. Federico Miyara, Arq. Carmen Montes de Barani, Arq. Patricia Mosconi, Lic. Silvia Elena Ocampo, Lic. Sandra E. Olijavetsky, Ms. Ing. Vivian Pasch, Dr. Joan Puigdomènech, Fga. Rita Quevedo, Arq. Juan Carlos Rall, Lic. Sara Romano, Arq. Miriam Ruiz, Fga. Nilda Saenz, Ing. Luis Felipe Sexto, Fga. Elsa Solé, Fga. Nydia Tamburri, Fga. Cintia Vazquez, Arq. Jorge Vazquez, Valerie Weedon, Lic. Ianina Wentinck, Michael Phillip Wright, MA, Ing. Marta Yanitelli


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Most papers are in Spanish. However, you may request translating services for an extra fee.