Gidis Trusted Linux


Commercial Feasibility

Recent attacks have shown how easily DAC systems could be compromised by simple programs coded by teenagers looking for publicity. Organizations spend significant amount of resources trying to prevent and repair damages caused by these simple attacks. Moreover, if the attack is performed by a well funded criminal with profit in mind, the very essence of DAC systems makes it virtually impossible to prevent them from such attacks. In this case, consequences could be devastating and a great deal of the money spent applying traditional countermeasures would be wasted.

We believe that a trusted operating system which preserves backward compatibility and an acceptable level of usability and performance should be a highly-profitable, low-cost solution to address the previously mentioned attacks.

Due to the size of the potential market, this project could be an appealing option both for current OS vendors and for software companies interested in including a secure Unix-like OS into their products offerings.

Our major obstacle in order to develop GIDIS Trusted Linux is the lack of economic resources. GIDIS staff has already developed Lisex. Hence, it is clear that GIDIS personnel is skilled enough to carry on GIDIS Trusted Linux development. GIDIS is looking for partners, sponsors or investors who want to support this project with grants, scholarships, subsidies, capital, computer equipment, physical facilities, etc. GIDIS offers in return the work of its members and to share any economic profit stemming from marketing, in any form, GIDIS Trusted Linux or any of its successors.

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