STIC-AmSud Program

STIC-South America is a scientific-technological cooperation programme integrated by France, Argentine, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay.
The aim of the project is to promote and strengthen South America regional capacities and their cooperation with France, towards the settlement of research and development webs on Science, Information Technology and Communication field.
On this scope, the programme convokes to select and sponsor research and development projects, which are able to transfer innovation proposals at a regional level. These projects, which have a maximum extension of two years, include at least two countries of the region and one or more French scientific team(s).

BAVI Project

This project lies in the field of audio-visual information integration. The approach is based on the derivation of distributed models from neurophysiologic studies of motion perception in the human brain, and takes advantage of advanced methods for audio-visual information integration and visual animation.
We aim at improving audio-visual information integration by using bio-inspired neurocomputational models that are characterized by their massive distribution and their robustness, to extract visual patterns of phoneme-related face motions. In addition, we aim at improving speech-driven face animation by relating acoustic signals, face motion features and visual animation techniques. Both goals join together towards the definition of bio-inspired models for audio-visual integration that derive from an implicit cortical sensory (audio/visual)-motor (animation) loop.
To reach these goals, we combine the skills of three teams that are respectively specialized in cortex-inspired models of visual perception, audio-visual information integration and visual animation.