Federico Martín Bergero

PowerDEVS is a general purpose software tool for DEVS modeling and simulation oriented to the simulation of hybrid systems. I am one of the mainters and developers of PowerDEVS. Project web at SourceForge https://sourceforge.net/projects/powerdevs
BackDoor is a Scilab module that opens a BackDoor into Scilab workspace. It works by creating a new thread that listens on requests on a TCP port. Each string send to that thread is executed in the Scilab workspace and a result is sent back to the caller when requested. The intention of this module is to use it with PowerDEVS in order to process simulation results in the Scilab enviroment. I am the developer of BackDoor.
expire-fs is modification to ext3 filesystem supporting expiration on files. The idea is that you can set an expiration date for files that are automatically removed from disk when they expire.
DOPRI5 is a modification of the C version of the numerical integration method DOPRI5 to detect and handle discontinuties (roots) during the integration. The code can be download from here