Publications and oral presentations


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Oral presentations

  1. Lotito P.A., Boîte à outils affectation de trafic de Scilab, 10es Rencontres INRIA-Industrie "Applications de l'informatique et de l'automatique aux transports" Jeudi 16 janvier 2003 INRIA - Rocquencourt, France.Program
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Lecture notes

  1. Lotito P.A., Resolución de problemas de Olimpíadas Internacionales, IPS September 1988.
  2. Lotito P.A., Resolución de problemas de Aritmética, Lecture notes for the course "Taller de resolucion de problemas", a series of courses given in many Peedagogical Institutes in the Province of Santa Fe in 1994 with Professor S. Filipputti.
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